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Nutrition Recipes

Layered Hummus Dip

Here is a fun appetizer that I absolutely love to take to parties and make when our family has gatherings! Adding a little Meditteranean taste to this makes it oh, so good! Depending on your carbohydrate and gluten tolerance, you can use either homemade pita chips or even your favorite veggies  ...

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Buffalo Chicken, broccoli, egg cups, Deidra Mangus, healthy breakfast recipe, easy breakfast recipes, weight loss recipes, low carb breakfast
Breakfast Recipes

Buffalo Chicken Egg Cups

You may notice as you get through my recipes, I am all about easy to prep and easy to travel with, so this recipe is no different! Here is another breakfast idea that is easy to make and easy to take wherever you go! Please note if you are a fellow breakfast lover like me, you can have this  ...

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Deidra Mangus, healthy dinner recipe, unsweetened coconut, healthy fried shrimp, healthy sweet chili sauce, raw honey, air fried shrimp, air fryer recipes, spaghetti squash, weight loss recipe, healthy military family, successful beachbody coach
Dinner Lunch Recipes

Coconut “Fried” Shrimp

I wanted to “fry” up some shrimp, but wanted to make the recipe healthier so we can all enjoy it together and not have that greasy guilt feeling afterward! The coconut gives the shrimp such a great flavor and using the air-fryer simplifies this recipe! Of course, if you do not have an  ...

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