80 Day Self-Love Fitness Challenge

As a mommy, I know it can be a struggle to get back to that pre-baby body, and to find the time to workout and take care of yourself. I also know that eating healthy is not something we all want to do. I mean, our emotions run wild and sometimes eating our emotions makes us feel better… temporarily that is! So I am excited to host a group just for those who want to find themselves again and get that energy, confidence, and love back! Its time for my 80 Day Self-Love Fitness Challenge!

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What is involved in my 80 Day Self-Love Fitness Challenge?

In my challenge group, I focus on a few specific areas:

1. Fitness- You get to choose from a variety of home fitness workouts that will fit you and your goals! You no longer have to spend time driving back and forth to the gym or wake up the kids, you simply go to a room in your house and start your workout! You will receive an entire schedule of exactly what workouts to do each day to get the best results!

2. Nutrition- It’s 80% of your results! With each fitness program, you will get a nutrition guide to help you with choosing the right foods and meals for you and your family! You will be able to calculate your calories needed, but also with many programs, you will receive portion control containers so there is no counting calories- just portion control! We also will collaborate and share yummy easy, but healthy recipes and meal plans to help you along your journey!

3. Support- One thing that lacks when people start their fitness journey and stop is having support! In my groups, you will receive peer support daily, along with lots of motivation and accountability to keep you going! You will be surrounded by tons of other women with similar goals!  This is a chance for you to not only get support, but also build friendships along the way of your fitness journey!

4. Personal Growth- Self growth is important for you and your mindset. You must be able to love yourself before you can self others, so this is a chance to work on YOU and become the person you always wanted to!

How do you get started in my 80 Day Self-Love Challenge?

To get started, you simply can fill out the application below to get a spot in my group! I am more than thrilled to help you along your journey!  Nothing excites me more than having the opportunity to watch you transform and succeed!