Healthy COOKBOOK/Devotional

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My husband Brent and I are so excited to LAUNCH our very FIRST book!

Since I have a HUGE passion for cooking and helping others with their health and fitness goals and my husband has a passion (well, we both do) for Jesus, we wanted to put it together and deliver what we have not seen yet- and that is a Cookbook WITH a devotional!

Five years ago, I told myself, “One day, I will write a cookbook!” I dreamed all about how it would look, what kind of recipes would go in it! I always have lived a healthy lifestyle and health and fitness have always been a passion of mine. Since I love serving others, I knew I wanted my cookbook to allow me to serve others and help them live a healthy lifestyle also!

I dreamt for FIVE years…

I dream for five years not doing ANYTHING about it. WHY?? Because I didn’t have enough confidence and belief in myself. I thought I wasn’t “good enough” to write a book and call myself an Author.

But one day while my husband was away on his three-month long military training, I decided I had to stop saying I want something and not do anything about it.

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When my husband came home from training, I shared with him what I was ready to take on and asked for his blessing. He was more than on board and so supportive which made me even more excited to take action!

He helped me through it all and even to the point that he added 30 devotionals in our book so we can not only help people with their physical health, but their spiritual health, also! That was more than what I ever envisioned and soooo thankful that we have been able to make this happen, EVEN during COVID!!!! This journey has been a huge blessing and allowed us as husband and wife to bond and learn even more about one another!

After 10 months of serious work, commitment, sacrifice, and more work, we have accomplished our goal of publishing our very own cookbook and devotional!! The hard work has paid off and I am so excited to now share our book with you!

What you will get from our book:

Our goal is that we help you get healthy physically and spiritually. We want you to be able to take your cookbook after making a meal and take it right to your table with your family for a devotion to read together!

We are so excited to be in your home and hopefully impact you and your family to bring you closer to Jesus and also to help you all live a healthy lifestyle!

To our family and friends who have followed our journey:

THANK YOU for being a huge part of this journey with us, for believing in us, for cheering us on, for trying our recipes, and for sharing our journey with your friends and family!

We would absolutely LOVE if you can continue to share with those who you feel can benefit from our yummy recipes to help them live a healthy lifestyle and devotions to help them grow closer to Jesus! Remember, this is not just about feeling good on the outside, but most importantly, on the inside!

XOXO, Deidra