Forever FIT Healthy Meal Plans

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As I write my cookbook, “Forever FIT: With a Taste of Faith: 30 Devotionals Included,” I talked about meal planning and how important it is to take some time to figure out what you are going to eat for the week and prep your food so you save time, hassle, and money during the week!

Nutrition is a huge part of our results as we set goals to live a healthy lifestyle, so I am excited to put some of my recipes together and provide you with meal plans that you can use and find all the recipes in one place- the cookbook!

These meal plans will give you not just three meals for the day, but also include snacks because it is important to fuel your body and eat every 2.5-3.5 hours to keep your metabolism working! But we must make sure we are making healthy choices with our meals and snacks!


My goal for you is to allow you to eat the foods you love without feeling deprived. So often, we think we need to remove all the foods we enjoy and remover certain food groups and nutrients in order to lose weight. But that is not the long-term, healthy way to go about living a healthy lifestyle!

In my book and with these meal plans, the recipes will include meals that are healthy options to the meals we enjoy, but without the guilt!

I hope you can take some time each week to plan for success!! Planning and consistently working on meal planning will help you make this process into a habit! Each time you make your meal plans, make a grocery list, and prep your food, you will get better and better! Remember, practice makes progress!