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March 2014


Healthy Snacks 101

Many of us fail to stay on track with our healthy eating and nutrition because we are too busy with our work schedules, kids, and just “other important things.” Every time you hold back and keeping yourself healthy, you take a step back with happiness, your health,your body figure,  ...

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Homemade Guacamole

I know many people LOVE their avocados. As weird as this sounds, I was never a fan.  I had a hard time with the texture. I edned up eating them 2 times during my 21 day detox called 21 Day Ultimate Reset! It was a very strict plan, so I was limited on what foods I could eat, so it was included  ...

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My 21 DAY FIX  RESULTS! 21 Days have officially gone by!! I must say, I was a little irritated by the scale in the first week, but so glad I stopped looking because I know seeing so many people losing up to 15 lbs and then me with hardly any weight loss would have discouraged me  ...

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