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There is something about starting the kiddos young with knowing what healthy eating is- and I do not mean full-blown never let them eat chicken nuggets and french fries or go grab ice cream. Educating them early and making them aware, will help them create good habits to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life!

Now, I know us moms are extremely busy and cannot even imagine adding one more thing to our plates, right? So my goal is to make healthy eating for you and the kiddos, easy peasy!

I have been teaching my kids how to eat healthy since they were one! Yes, my oldest bio son was ONE when I started this journey, and my middle was just born! Now I added another babe into the mix and he is 1, so he has been on this journey of healthy eating too! Anyways, since I have been on this journey with my kids for so long, I decided to pick our FAVORITE go-to snacks to help you try them out with your kids!

TIP: Do NOT give up the first time they turn their head! I have taught my kids not to look at a piece of food and say they don’t like it. Maybe do something fun and play a game where you put different snacks out and have them close their eyes (blindfold lol they most likely will cheat if they are anything like my kids) and have them take one bite of each and they have to give a thumbs up or thumbs down! Trust me, this can actually be enjoyable for all!

So get ready because I am about to share our FAVORITE snacks, ones that take ZERO prep and healthy snacks that take minimal prep- again, because we know we are busy and don’t have time to spend hours making extra food!

Minimal Prepping

Hard-boiled eggs and almonds

We actually take out the yoke and just stick with the egg whites! For the almonds, my kids surprisingly love the salt and vinegar almonds from Blue Diamond!

Raw veggies, add Greek yogurt ranch

My kids were not a fan of veggies for the longest time, more-so my oldest son! I found this healthIER ranch dressing from Bolthouse, and it was the game changer! My kids actually EAT VEGGIES!!!

Shakeology No-Bake cookies

I have been incorporating Shakeology into my nutrition regimen for 7 years now. I use to struggle with nutrition really bad, but this was a meal I replaced my ice-cream and other junk that I craved! And as I made it, my kids tasted it and never looked back!

One of the treats they LOVE is the no-bake cookies! It’s a WIN since they are getting their superfoods, fruits, and veggies in too!

Peanut Butter Banana Bites

Ok, my kids are like me and we all LOVE us some peanut butter! You can use any nut butter if you would like (cashew, almond, etc). And if your kiddo has an allergy to nuts, go for adding a little sugar-free jelly!

Ants on a Log

Ok, so this is fun for the kids, which usually encourages them to eat! Sometimes it’s about getting creative in order for our picky ones to eat someone other than those hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and fries! Simply cut the apple into slices, slap on some natural Peanut butter, and top it off with some raisins!



These little oranges are our go-to when it comes to asking for a snack at home or prepping lunch for school! They are easy to peel and the kids LOVE them… maybe because they can put them on their eyes and make silly faces?! #boymomlife

Love Crunch

I am really sorry if you have never been introduced to Love Crunch before. Please do NOT be mad at me, but you may have found yourself a new addiction! You MUST be careful and eat ONLY according to the serving size!

There are two particular flavors that we enjoy around here: Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and Raspberry and Dark Chocolate. And it’s organic for my crunchy mamas!

Nature’s Valley Cinnamon Granola

This is another granola that is in bigger chunks at the top of the bag, so the kids love to take them and use them as snacks! Once we get towards the bottom, its perfect to go in some Plain Greek Yogurt to have with another snack!

Even my 1-year-old enjoys it! It honestly is another snack that you must be careful with so you do not go overboard on the serving size, because it is very easy to do!

Once Upon A Farm Smoothies

Mamas, if you never heard of these before, you can grab them at Target or Walmart! They are all-natural, organic, and cold-pressed smoothies that give your babe(s) their fruits and veggies! I started using them initially for my one-year-old, but my older kids really enjoyed the smoothies, so they all eat them now! We actually just get them delivered right to our door (CLICK HERE to check it out)!

Baby Bell Cheese

Ok, this cheese is GOLDEN! It comes in a circle and you simply peel the wrap and outer layer of wax off, and those kids will go to town on that ball of cheese! You can easily serve this with some cut up apples!


I know snack bars are a big thing, but half the time, there are so many unnecessary ingredients that are not as healthy as we think. So I found the perfect bar that has a good bit of fiber to carb ratio, and is within 150 calories, which is a perfect amount for a snack! This is by far, my oldest son’s favorite go-to snack!

Applesauce pouch- unsweetened

These applesauce packs are everything! No prep what so ever and ALL my kids enjoy these- in their lunch boxes and diaper bag for the little! These particular pouches are from Target. They are NON-GMO and each pouch is 1/3 fruit serving for the day! WINNING!!

So there you have it! Some of our very favorite snacks that are SO easy to prep, if any prepping at all! This gives us NO excuses for saying we don’t have time to eat healthily!

I would love your feedback if you decide to try any of these for the first time! Let me know how you and the kiddos enjoy!

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