How the new journey is going…

I know my last post was sharing lots of changes that were happening. It was honestly a VERY scary time for me and my family because of what I was walking away from! 

I had grown an incredible business over the past 9.5 years, so walking away from what I have grown was HARD. But, I also told myself $$ should NOT be the only reason to keep me in a place that no longer felt right to me.  So I did that hard part and let GO of it all to pursue what I have researched and felt right, but most importantly aligned with my family values!

Now that I have made it public about my transition, I have been sooo encouraged by all the support I have had! So THANK YOU to those who have sent the messages! 

So how is it going? It is SOOOOO good!! It feels like a breath of fresh air to be able to share my journey without it feeling forced. I truly love the results I have been getting – the energy I have, the physical transformation, how good I feel in my gut, my skin, and inflammation in my hands that is so minimal (almost non existent) compared to what I have been dealing with over the past 6 months or so! 

One BIG reason I even considered Modere as a company to work for was after researching a few products, ONE being their collagen. 

I saw it was the only patented collagen out there and after learning all about it, I had to try it out, with a focus on getting help with my arthritic pain in my hands. I was to the point that I was rubbing my hands NON-STOP.  24/7, I was rubbing my hands because of so much pain and inflammation (in my right hand). 

NOW time to EDUCATE a little!!! Particularly on our COLLAGEN, since that was my focus and has been a game changer!

The Truth about Collagen:


Your body has many cells, parts, and systems. And many of them are held together with collagen. The most abundant protein in your body is all about connection and strength. That’s because collagen’s adhesive qualities are only matched by its ability to provide structure and strength.Saying collagen is found throughout your body is kind of an understatement. It’s a structural element of bones, muscles, tendon, and ligaments. Collagen and skin are always talked about together, because it’s a major component of your largest organ. But that’s just the start. 

Collagen is also found in:

• blood vessels

• cornea of the eye

• teeth

• cartilage

• discs between your vertebrae

• the digestive tract

The fibrous nature and strength of collagen make it an ideal protective casing for your kidneys and other organs.It also helps connect cells all over your body to each other. 

So, it’s large scale for your bones, ligaments, and organs—all the way down to the cellular level.

Why is this such an important structural protein in humans and animals? First, collagen is thermally stable. Second, it has a lot of mechanical strength. Third—and maybe most surprising—it can interact with other biomolecules.

Age is about the only thing that can stop collagen from being amazing. The older you get, the less collagen you make. And what you do make is not as high-quality as the collagen of your youth. This impacts the appearance of skin, the maintenance of joint health, and much more.

Our collagen/HA matrix can be resupplied with our patented liquid taken on a daily basis.

Q: How is our liquid collagen different from others on the market?

A: FROM our CEO, Asma- “Comparing our product to hydrolyzed collagen is like comparing apples to oranges. 

First, our liquid collagen is derived from chicken sternal cartilage (a very minuscule and specific portion of cartilage) so although it is technically collagen type II, evidence shows that it acts as all types of collagen in the body since it increases collagen in other connective tissue such as skin dermis – not just the joints. Generic collagen on the other hand is typically collagen type I, or type I/III and is often sourced from carcasses, hooves, skin, scales, and many parts of an animal and does not contain collagen type II.

Second, ours naturally contains glucasaminoglycans including hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate – in the same way composition as human articular cartilage does. Other collagens do not.

Third, our clinical efficacy is shown at the amount in our proprietary formula whereas the hydrolyzed collagen only shows some efficacy at 10 grams per day (which is a lot!).

Additionally, our product is designed with a patented process to meet a specific molecular weight for optimal absorption and is supported by bioavailability studies. Along these lines, we also have clinical evidence showing that it inhibits hyaluronidase, the enzyme that breaks down HA in our bodies… whereas, others don’t.”

I am TWO months in with using Modere products and I have been BLOWN away at the results I am getting! Not only has my inflammation and pain decreased significantly in my hands, but my skin has changed! Both images are taken outside during the day and NO filter was used. My skin is soft, glowing, and it feels good!

I want to share all the goods with you because I know first hand, how much it is helping me and it’s mind-blowing! If you have specific questions about our collagen/HA matrix or another product/supplement that you are looking for to fit your pain points, please REPLY to this email and in subject, write “MODERE.”

Since I have moved forward and have taken off with my new business, I wanted to still have a community group to help women find that support and encouragement that is needed!! 

This is a place where we will talk all women things– along with health, fitness, wellness/nutrition, faith, beauty, fashion, gardening, and whatever is on your heart that you want to talk about! If you are interested in joining our group called, “WOMEN WITH GRACE & GRIT,” click below to get in! 

Talk soon,