Our Healthy Cookbook & Devotional Update!

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My husband and I are SOOOO excited to announce that our COOKBOOK/DEVOTIONAL launch date is here!!! This HUGE goal that I have always dreamed about doing, talked about for FIVE years, is finally becoming our reality!!

You will be able to grab your very own copy of our book, “Forever FIT: 100+ Recipes to Help You Live A Healthy & Whole Life,” on AMAZON on October 15th, 2020!

In our book, you will find inspiration to help you learn how to cook healthy meals (100+ recipes), learn about meal prepping so you are not taking so much time during the week cooking so many meals, and a bonus that I wanted my husband to help with is to help you grow not just in your physical journey to good health, but grow in your spiritual journey as well!

Since we have a large family, I wanted to include for my fellow busy mamas and dads some kid-friendly recipes that you can all enjoy together!

Photography by Jael Cheek IG @saycheekphotography

We are so excited to finally get this book into your hands to help you live a healthy and fulfilling life in so many areas of your life!

Stay tuned for more updates on our launch!

XO, Deidra

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