Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Workout Without Weights & Challenge Yourself!

I know most people think you have to lift heavy at the gym in order to get in really good shape…. ummmm FALSE!!! I have experience in the gym and I have experience working out at home and let me just say that you can burn a TON of calories, work up a sweat, and get in amazing shape by working out without weights and these workouts can be done ANYWHERE… Your living room, basement, bedroom, heck, even your hallway!

First things first… Let’s get something straight. If you are not pushing yourself, or sweating, your probably not working hard enough…. and if your taking too long of breaks, your heart rate isn’t getting up and your not challenging yourself and those results will not be as good as if you were giving it all you got!

So, let’s do these exercises I am about to share and really… give it ALL YOU GOT! If you can challenge yourself and push with little to no breaks in between, your heart rate will be up, you will be sweating, and those results will come…. of course you need to be eating healthy too! You cannot workout a bad diet my friends!!

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If you need to modify, then modify! You will notice that after you get through a good bit, it will repeat, but adding in more as you continue! If you break, do not take any longer than 30 seconds! Ok, if your really tired and more of a beginner, you can take another 30 seconds if you need to, but be sure you are challenging yourself!

No weights needed, but you will work every part of your body in this workout!! Comment below how this workout went for you!!

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