FINAL RESULTS of our Health Bet Challenge are in!

Last month, a few coaches and I on my team decided to give an incentive for our clients who were wanting to start on their health and fitness journey. Not only was it a great experience working with some new clients along with past clients who I have been working with for years, but it was an incredible experience to see the results this past weekend! Our Health Bet Challenge was a SUCCESS, to say the least! We even had three clients now take home $$$ from the cash pot! Time to share the FINAL results of our Health Bet Challenge!

We had 41 clients participate in our 30-day challenge. Multiple women lost over 15 lbs in just 30 days. We had a few lose 10-15 lbs and many between 5-10 lbs in 30 days! But this was NOT just about weight loss. Many women only lost a few lbs, but lost inches all over their body, have mentioned they have more energy, have better eating habits, are working out more regularly, and had an incredible experience with the group and the support given with our community of women!

Here are just a few of our women who finished strong and took advantage of all this virtual health bet had to offer:

Jessie C.

Jessica F.

Jessica G.

Toyia G.

Jen W.

Seeing these transformations is exactly WHY I love doing what I do as a health and fitness coach! Seeing lives changed and even healthy habits within the entire family home makes it all worth it! Not only have these women worked through cravings and doubts, but they did it through vacations and traveling, through COVID, and through busy schedules with family and work!

Since we had so much success in our last group, we decided that we shouldn’t stop now! We are now prepping and opening spots to yet ANOTHER Health Bet Challenge that starts in just 2 weeks!

Pre-season will kick off April 19th and one week later starts our kick-off to a new virtual group with more opportunities to get more results and win ? just for working on YOU and your health!

Apply below: