How are you, REALLY?!

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I know this past year has been HARD for many, especially with COVID. And I don’t know about your location, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

Please know, this email is NOT to be negative.

I want you to know you are not alone on this journey of life though! My husband and I have 6 kids with our blended family. We have 3 kids here full time (9, 8, and 2 years old) and virtual school with a toddler and trying to work my business has not been rainbows and butterflies. The stress of not knowing how the travel plans will work for our other 3 kids we are supposed to have for Christmas doesn’t help. BUT….. we will trust and have hope that ALL things work together for good! 

During these difficult times, we need to come together, support one another, and take one day at a time! Sometimes even one minute at a time! That’s OK!
As a fitness coach and mentor, I also want to check in and see how you are. Are you working on your fitness and health goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of this year? Are you working on eating healthy?Or are you struggling and really need that extra support, accountability, and motivation? 
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I know this may sound hard because I hear so many people say they have let go of themselves and their goals because they are busy at work, they are depressed, they don’t have a gym to go to, or their kids are all over them and won’t let them workout.  

But I am going to ask you to flip the switch a minute.  

Instead of using those reasons NOT to work on you, what if you used those reasons TO work on you and to help you?  

Working out and eating healthy HELPS depression, if you are busy at work, do a 15-minute workout instead of a 30 or 45 minute, instead of trying to get to the gym, work out at home, or instead of using your kids as an excuse, let them join you OR wake up and do it before the kids are up or while napping or taking quiet time!
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Working out at home and having a variety of workouts to choose from with every level of fitness and timing options has helped me significantly. While I am using my Netflix of workouts, I am able to access healthy recipes, tips, and nutritional programs.
I love having all the tools to help me on this journey and especially the convenience more now than ever! 

I get the fitness aspect right on Beachbody On Demand, I get the nutrition help with all the healthy recipes, AND…. the other tool that many people fail to have on their journey is the SUPPORT which is through my online challenge groups either on the free Beachbody app or in my private group on Facebook. I love being able to lean into each other and work together on this. It really makes the hard times not feel so hard. 

If you are interested in getting involved in my Bootcamp/challenge group, please reply to this email or reach out to me via Facebook (my link is at the bottom of this email)!
I also have another tool that can help you to stay on track, but this is to help you PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY!  

My husband, Brent and I just released our first book which is a healthy cookbook AND devotional! We want to help people live a healthy and whole life and to share our journey in hopes to encourage and inspire you along your own fitness/health journey and walk with the Lord!  I wrote over 100 recipes that are easy, perfect for busy mamas and families, kid-friendly, easy to portion control, and healthy alternatives to the food we enjoy but without the guilt! My husband is a Chaplain in the Army and wrote 30 devotionals. Well, I wrote 1 so I will go ahead and give him credit for 29! 

 But he is incredible and has been in ministry for over 14 years and this is definitely his calling! If you would like to order your copy or order a copy for a family/friend/co-worker for a Christmas/holiday gift, this is a great option! 
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If and when you get your book and look through and even make a recipe, PLEASE let me know how you like it! I really do appreciate feedback!! 
I hope that we can catch up. I would really love to hear how you are and how I can help/pray for you during this season of life. Again, you are NOT alone and I am just a message or email away! Oh, and remember, YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!
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