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30 Day Breakaway Running Program

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I am so excited that my company has FINALLY come out with a program that everyone has been waiting for! We have so many programs for weight training, HIIT training, and other cardio workouts, but we have not had a program specifically for runners to learn to run or improve their run times.

The time has come and our newest launch is delivering exactly what you runners and want-to-be runners have been wanting!!! Our 30 Day Breakaway running training program!

What is 30 Day Breakaway?

30 Day Breakaway is a running-meets-resistance training challenge designed to get you fitter and faster. In just 30 days, you can lose up to 15 lbs. and crush a 5K. Super Trainer Idalis Velazquez teaches you how to train smarter. First by lifting to build lean muscle then by breaking away for a run. Even if you’ve never run before in your life—or haven’t tried in years,
Idalis guides every step until you build your confidence and cross the finish line, together.

What makes 30 Day Breakaway unique?

30 Day Breakaway is Beachbody’s first program to combine body-sculpting strength training with the fat-burning power of running. This is a super-effective approach that helps you get more results in less time and an unbelievable transformation at the 5K finish line.

In just 30 days, you can run a 5K—either on your own in your neighborhood. You can even run a local race that’s tied to raising money for a charity. No matter how you participate, it’ll be your first milestone of many as a runner.

With audio options to take your runs outside, you can pop on your headphones and break away from your living room. When you can’t get outside, Idalis leads you through video-based runs set against beautiful backdrops that you can do on your treadmill. She even includes a Rainy Day Cardio routine in case getting outdoors or running indoors isn’t an option.

BONUS: Every workout is originally recorded in both English and Spanish, so you can break away in your preferred language (French dubbing also available).

Who is Idalis Velazquez?

Idalis is a NASM-certified personal trainer and creator of Beachbody’s Spanish-language program, Mes de Más. She’s been a dedicated athlete since her days in Puerto Rico, where she ranked nationally as a track-and-field star for 10 years.

In 30 Day Breakaway, she’ll be running in some of the most breathtaking locations to inspire you to do the same—to break away at your own pace, even walking if you need to while you work your way up to a run, so you can get allover body-defining results and lose up to 15 lbs. in just 30 days.

What equipment is needed?

You’ll need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, Resistance Loops (to increase intensity), a foam roller for muscle recovery, and a good pair of running shoes.

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If you are ready to start your running journey, I am running our official 30 Day Breakaway Test group where you will have the opportunity to be one of the first to access and complete this program and train for your first 5K or even use this program to improve your run time!

If you would like a spot in my test group, simply fill out the application below and I will get back to you within 24 hours!