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Team Retreat Recap at Lake Norman!

This past weekend, I was able to take my team on a little getaway to a new location so we can relax, enjoy each other, laugh, cry, and create memories–and we did just that! Lake Norman was where we decided to go! I thought since we always do the beach, let’s change it up a little and have a new atmosphere! I am excited to share with you how it went in a little more detail!

Our theme for this retreat was “You Are Enough.”
This is a reminder to every one of us that we are enough the way we are. We do not have to change who we are to get to where we want to be in life. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.
-Psalm 139:14

As a health/wellness coach working online, I really get pumped about these trips because it allows my team to see the other side of coaching rather than the normal working on your phone and computer the whole time! This was the game-changer for myself and many others (being at events), so I LOVE when my teammates can get this experience too!

My goal was for our team to grow a tighter bond and connection, for us to empower one another, to share our struggles, victories, and lean on each other for help and advice from a personal and business standpoint.

My husband and one of our other fearless leaders had her husband join us to help serve the food and just take care of us during the trip so we weren’t taking too much time prepping. They were a HUGE help, although I definitely overwhelmed my husband with too many expectations by bringing our Josiah that turned 21 months old while we were there, so he not only was to cook, but also take care of the babe the whole time. WHOOPS! Wife fail, mom fail, and coach fail right there. I felt like I couldn’t give anything 100% and I so focused on having everything perfect. Lesson learned, but I am thankful for my husband’s grace for me through this.

Despite that part of failing forward, we had an INCREDIBLE time and loved EVERY moment with my team AND family!

Thursday, we had a welcome celebration where we shared our stories around a fire, cheered to some champagne, and had some tears and laughs just on the first night!

Day two started out with a morning sweat sesh with one of our coaches leading a PiYo workout outside by the pool (we are all still working on our own fitness goals), eating a bunch of yummy (and healthy for the most part) food, some incredible training from corporate, boating, paddleboards, kayaking for my husband and Jojo, and more laughs and memories!

Day three: We kicked off the day with another morning workout with another coach who is also an instructor, but Insanity was the workout of the day…. followed by homemade Amish doughnuts…. yes, we balance it all!

Then, we got a little work done together, mastermind sesh, which led to lounging by the pool, some cornhole, more paddleboarding – with yoga, more food, photoshoots, singing, dancing, and more laughs! What I love so much about our team is we are from all over the states, but when we come together in person, you would think we’ve known each other forever!

Sunday was the day we all departed and took our drives back home to our families. But that morning was so special to me. You see, my faith is a BIG part of my life. So on the way back, my family and a couple of our coaches decided to hit up Elevation Church (the Lake Norman campus) and we were able to worship and listen to an amazing sermon to take with us! So so blessed to finish our retreat with this!

After this retreat, I feel like my cup is full and I am so thankful for every part of this trip!! We have an incredible team with an incredible bond that I never imagined having 6.5 years ago when I was just working as an ER nurse. This opportunity that was in the palm of my hand just waiting for me almost never happened. But I am so glad I stopped worrying about my fears and the “what if’s” and just went for it!

If you are looking to join my team and being a part of this opportunity and community, please fill apply below! I am opening my next new coach mentorship and would love to help you to build a home fitness business of your own for you and your fam!

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