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Life of a Military Wife

If you have been following my blog, I have shared that I am a military wife, we are a blended family, and my career is fitness… helping others through a computer which has changed many lives and given many women financial freedom and freedom of time with their kiddos! But I do not talk a TON on being a military wife. So I get to share where we are today!

My husband is National Guard and I met him just a year after he went into the military. His big goal is to become a Chaplain in the Army. He has followed the Lord all his life and has so many incredible things to share and I am so confident he will fulfill his passion and change so many lives along with his career!

With saying “military” though, comes deployments and long training away from home. Throughout our past 3 years together and 1 year of marriage, Brent has had to leave for a max of 3 weeks. I haven’t been away from him longer than 4 (when he lived in Maine before he moved here to PA). Part of his training he needs to complete in order to be an official Chaplain, he needs to go to a 3-month Chaplain training that he has been trying to get into for 2 years now.

I am so proud of him for officially getting accepted as a Chaplain Candidate and that he also got approved to go to this 3-month training that needs to be completed at some point! So why not now?!

He is now gone his training and I’m hanging out with our boys, focusing on getting that quality time with the kiddos and working my home fitness business and working on ME (physically, spiritually, mentally) along the way! This is my time to get lots accomplished, but also I have the countdown on til he comes back home!

Having him say his goodbyes to the kids and watching him pack was really hard. Having to say goodbye for now to him myself was really hard. But this will only make for an awesome homecoming, right?!

I know I am not the only military wife out there, so I am hoping that me sharing my journey will help others who have spouses who deploy or who work away from home for longer periods of time while writing about it will help me cope and find a place of comfort!

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