Post Partum Journey

Don’t get Tangled in Holiday Weight Gain

The average American gains 7-10 pounds during the holiday season! I thought the average would be like 3-5… but 10 pounds! Wow… How do you stack up during the holiday season? Do you really ever lose it all?

The holiday season can be really difficult – from food pushers, to lack of sleep, to stress, get together, and the emotional difficulties that can also come with the holiday season. For many, this is a time of emotional stress and sadness, causing emotional eating. Let’s face it, we are programmed to eat when we are happy, sad, stressed, tired, and on and on…

First and foremost, if you go into an event and plan on ‘winging it’ you will crash and burn… no way to sugar coat this one! Here are a few more of my personal holiday tips…

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One tip I forgot to add was to say ‘no’ to food pushers… no I don’t want to try it, no I don’t want a bite, no I don’t want any left overs — but thank you! If you had a food allergy or were avoiding the food for a religious reason, you wouldn’t think twice about saying ‘no’. So this is your new ‘lifestyle’ treat it like one!

I constantly remind myself that fit is forever and flavor is temporary – “moment on the lips, forever on the hips!” can be your chant as you make your plate.

For more tips and support or for help losing the holiday weight – groups are enrolling now.