Fit Tips During Halloween- How to Stay on Track!

Why does Halloween have to be so fun, but yet so unhealthy?!?! I love that we can dress up, let loose, and enjoy decorating and going up to random houses to get candy (HAHA), but I feel this holiday really revolves around people shopping for candy and sweets, and unhealthy food for parties!

So if you are one who has health and fitness goals and are really trying to stay on track during Halloween… I have news for you! YOU CAN STILL ROCK YOUR FITNESS!! It will take some commitment from you, along with holding yourself accountable, and resisting temptations! Those temptations will be everywhere, but think about this…. those temporary temptations are only that.. TEMPORARY!! They do not last forever, but will keep coming back if you keep feeding them!

If you can replace those temptations with a healthier alternative, then your body will not crave those sugary, sweet foods and treats!

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If you want to stay strong in your house, but know you struggle in the past during holidays, simply do NOT buy the candy for trick or treaters you would eat!! Either buy candy you don’t like, or buy healthy snacks OR school supplies like pencils or erasers for the trick or treaters!

There is so much sugar in candy, or even in sugary drinks.. so just make the choice to drink water!! That will eliminate any extra added calorie drinks that easily makes you feel bloated or puts on weight because we know… sugar turns into fat when you are not metabolizing it!

Working out is a job.. yes it is.. but its easier than carrying unwanted extra weight you have from not working out! Take 30 minutes to take care of yourself! Its the only body you will ever live in! Be nice to your body, love your body, and treat your body with respect! If you can’t make it to a gym, there are PLENTY of options to do at home while the kids are sleeping or playing beside you.. or use them as weights to workout!!

This is not about starving yourself or making yourself feel like you are in food jail, but you can either use the 3 bite rule, or allow yourself 1 piece! Moderation and portion control is always a WIN! Did you know the first and second bite is always the best, but after that, it’s not something you need to have!!  So allow yourself a little, without over doing it and taking steps backward with your goals!

After that one piece of candy or 3 bites, if you are feeling like you want more, simply CHUG water!! Most likely you are not truly hungry, and its more of a boredom feeling or just wanting it because its there.. But most people confuse hunger with dehydration!! Chug water, and that usually helps people get fuller! If your belly is growling and it is true hunger, then grab a piece of fruit or veggie!!

Last but not least, REMEMBER your goals!!! They are there because you care about your health and your body!! So do not let those small temporary cravings and temptations get the best of you!! If you can stay strong, you will be steps closer to that BIG goal!!!

YOU GOT THIS!! Tell yourself, “I can and I WILL do this!” “I am STRONG”, “I have WILLPOWER!”, and “I am committed!”

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