Staying Healthy While Traveling!

This weekend, well, today, the boys and I are taking a road trip!! We’re heading to my best friends house to celebrate her birthday, then tomorrow, we are off to Great Wolfe Lodge indoor water park for some fun!

I see so many people that fall off their health and fitness journey because they feel they “can’t stay healthy while traveling.” They feel it’s too hard to keep food cold, they can’t find easy snacks, and sometimes… well… fast food is just easier?!  GAHHHH!!!! I cringe when people say that to me!!

There are PLENTY of healthy options that are easy to take on the go, does not require cooking or heating up, and guess what guys, someone who is extremely rich right now invented something called COOLERS!!!! That actually keeps food cool and good longer while your traveling and do not have access to a fridge!!

Ok, enough of my sarcasm, lets get to it!! I want to share with you some easy and healthy snacks, treats and meals that I use when the boys and I are traveling… and yes, we travel a lot!!

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  1. Fresh Fruit
    1. Go for bananas, apples, grapes, strawberries, even fruit in a cup, but make sure its in light syrup or water!! Save some sugar so your kids can nap on the car ride, not go crazy!
  2. Fresh Veggies & Hummus
    1. Fresh sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, carrots, peppers, whatever you prefer… and add some hummus to the picture!! Perfect snack with your veggie and healthy fat with a little protein!
  3. Almonds
    1. Another source of healthy fats!! I’m not gonna lie, I am obsessed with the Blue Diamond almonds with all the different flavors they have! I think I have almost every kind! My favorites are pumpkin (perfect for the fall season), salt and vinegar (perfect replacement for salt and vinegar chips), Sriracha (anything Sriracha is good, come on), and Coconut (mmm coconut)! Now, if you want to go cleaner, I recommend the plain raw almonds.. A little more boring, but still tasty!!
  4. Quest Bars
    1. Ok, they aren’t the CLEANEST, but they do not have a ton of ingredients, and the ingredients are readable and not bad!! I love the Cookies N Cream, cookie dough, blueberry muffin, and raspberry cheesecake!!!
  5. Grilled Chicken
    1. Yes, I have grilled chicken already cooked, put in sandwich bags, and ready to go!! Keep in the cooler and it will last!
  6. Shakeology
    1. If you need that superfood dense nutrition… here you are! I lack veggies, I’m not gonna lie.. and I will bet 90% of you reading this are too!! Lets face it, veggies can be expensive, so can vitamins, and even what we buy at the grocery store is lacking nutritional value. So this is one meal I can say I am getting EVERYTHING I need in one glass!! I blend it or shake it!! This weekend while away, I will have my chocolate Shakeology, my shaker cup, and water and roll with it! I eat more nutrition, not to feed all my food cravings.. When you eat healthy and give your body the nutrients it needs, your body craves less of the crap, and more of the good!
  7. String Cheese
    1. Ok if your not lactose intolerant.. go ahead and have a little string cheese!! Its much better than a McDonalds cheeseburger or fries!!
  8. Ostrich Stick
    1. Yes you heard me.. Go to GNC and grab one of these bad boys!! Its a slim jim healthy style!!! I love my meat, so this is a perfect snack to take! My 4 year old is obsessed with these! We eat the teriyaki and pepper!

Guys, as you see, there are PLENTY of options!! There is fast food yes, but is it going to help you reach your goals? Your spending money anyways on food, so why not spend it on something that is going to really satisfy your body and keep you healthy and feeling good?!

If you are looking for more tips and ideas to stay healthy, please fill out the application for a spot in my next FREE 5 day clean eating group!

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