Get ready to feel sexy, confident, and happy in your new summer body!

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You may or may not be dreading summer as you know its time to get out the short shorts, crop tops, bikinis, or you just always wanted to be able to wear one, but never had the confidence to.  Well… I will say its NEVER too late to start moving towards those goals to feel good, sexy, and confident not only in your clothes, but in your own body in general!

So many suffer from depression because they HATE the way they look and feel.. Some due to medical problems we cannot control, but what about the things we CAN control? Why not start TODAY moving towards our goals to feel like that person you never thought you could feel like?? To have that confidence you never thought you could have? To wear those clothes you never thought you could??

It’s time to star making better choices every day to help you get closer to that happy place in your life!

Deidra Penrose, Motivation Monday, fitness coach, online fitness coach, beachbody coach PA, fitness journey, fitness motivation, healthy mom, figure competitor, healthy lifestyle tips, fitness tips, personal growth, improve your faith, weight loss tips, 22 minute hard corps

How to get to your happy place physically, emotionally, spiritually:

  1. Get in a workout at least 4 days a week- Wether its 20-30 minutes long, believe it or not, that 20-30 minute workout will make a huge difference in your long term success and make you feel amazing, gain more energy, and be less tired! Guess what?? You don’t have time to go to the gym? Don’t worry, thats why we have HOME FITNESS PROGRAMS that give you EVERYTHING you get at the gym, plus more!! Click here to learn about our new 22 Minute Hard Corps program!
  2. Eat 5-6 Healthy meals a day- Yes, you eat healthy, you fuel your body right, you will feel good, have more energy, and feel good about the success you have of being healthy!! Seriously, it just makes us happier people when we are healthier!
  3. Journal- Yes, get a journal and write in it regularly! This is going to allow you to get your feelings and emotions out, maybe time for you and Jesus, or to track your daily activity with nutrition and exercise! It may sound silly, but coming from my own experience, it has made a huge difference in my success in all areas of my life! Don’t knock it til ya try it!
  4. Positive talk to self- Seriously, how many times do we talk down to ourselves, doubt ourselves of what we are capable of, talk  ourselves out of things we want in life? Instead of tearing yourself down, build yourself up!! Every morning, go to your mirror, and talk to yourself in a positive way! Tell yourself you are beautiful, you are smart, you will win the day, you are worth it, tell yourself what you WILL accomplish! Then at the end of the day, go over the things you did accomplish or any small successes you can celebrate to keep that positive mindset going!
  5. Improve your FAITH- You may not be a believer, but for those who are (or aren’t), its never too late to build a relationship with the Lord! I didn’t start until about 2 years ago, and these last 2 years of having faith, belief, and support from God has been the best 2 years of my life! Despite my struggles and obstacles (battling through a divorce, moving and purchasing my house on my own, just to name a few lol), I would not be where I am today holding my head up if it weren’t for giving my problems to God and allowing Him to help me through my struggles in life.. and it helps so much that I had amazing friends who are believers to help me through and support me and encouraging me through my struggles!
  6. READ or LISTEN to Personal Development/Growth- Call me crazy for being so positive, but again, this has impacted my life more than anything! People are so quick to waste time on a TV show, nap sessions, phone calls that do not impact your life in any way, shape, or form… in fact, majority is about gossip– Yea, sad but true!  Instead, why not use your time you do have wisely to put positive words into your mind! Things that will help you in life.. cuz you all know we need help! lol I read and listen to books and audios about confidence, leadership, how to become more successful, improving my faith, improving communication skills, relationships, and how to live a life of happiness and freedom! Cant EVERYONE really benefit from this?!?! UMMM heck ya! Just to name a few of my favorites: Daren Hardy’s “Compound Effect”, Chalene Johnson’s Podcast “Build your Tribe” and “The Chalene Show”, Joel Osteens Podcast– You pick the sermon, they are ALL amazing and will help you in every aspect of your life!
  7. Find friends with same common interests and hobbies- I have lost friends along the way of my healthy lifestyle and fitness business.. Yea it sucks, BUT those “friends” I did have weren’t true friends or they would have supported what makes me happy! They mocked my healthy lifestyle and then went on with their own drama and unhealthy lifestyle. Thats completely fine and I would never try and change that.. but what I did find, was when I surrounded myself with people who loved what I did, were positive people, people who lift me up and the ones who have impacted my life the most! I want more of that!! If you feel you can’t find them, your not looking hard enough!! I promise they are out there!! Look in Facebook groups, Instagram, seriously, use social media in a good way!! One way is finding awesome friendships with people of similar interests and passion!

Yea I know only the first 2 Tips have ANYTHING to do with your bikini body, but… if you can put ALL these together, seriously, you will LOVE the way you look, think, and feel!! Its not all just about the physical appearance!! You can be as healthy as can be, but lack self confidence, motivation, support, etc.. you have to go beyond what your doing now to find the happiness for everything else.. and when you do find that happiness, you’ll realize the grass can be greener on the other side!

To get more of what I do as a fitness coach and allow me to continue helping you 1:1 with your fitness and health goals, please fill out the application below for a spot in my next fitness challenge!