Crystal’s Transformation Story

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I began my transformation 4 months ago. I was overweight and just really not comfortable in my own skin. I was tired all the time and had absoulutely no energy.  I could barely keep up with work and taking care of my 5 month old baby and 2 other children.  I couldn’t even stand to look in the mirror at myself let alone let my husband look at me.  I finally decided that something had to be done now!  I did not want my 3 wonderful children to look at their mother and see how unhealthy I was.  I started drinking SHAKEOLOGY everyday and joined a challenge group doing the 21 DAY FIX PROGRAM.  In those 21 days I noticied a significant increase in my energy level and found that I was feeling happier.  I lost 9 lbs and 12 inches my first round!  I continued with another round and lost even more! I love that I now crave healthy foods and learned portion control and clean eating. Currently I am doing TURBO FIRE and just started including PiYO. I have not reached my ultimate goal weight and fitness level yet but I am still working on it everyday becoming healthier.  My whole outlook on life has changed and I am now not so embarrased by the way I look and feel!  My short term goals have gotten me a little more than half way to mmy ultimate goal and I have lost 28 lbs and 35 inches!  I am so excited to continue this journey for myself and be able to help others on their journey also!

I am so proud of Crystal, and can notice a huge difference in her confidence alone! Seeing transformations like hers is what keeps me going and waking up every day excited to work!   I run challenge groups on a monthly basis and am always looking for people who are ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle change! If you would like a spot in my next fitness challenge, please fill out the application below!

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