Week of Christmas Exercise/Meal Plan

I cannot believe its Christmas already!! Time is flying! I know Christmas is tomorrow and I have been totally slacking on getting my presents wrapped for the kids! I just finished at the grocery store, so I am getting ready to start prepping some food!!
I do want to mention how excited I am so stay healthy over the holidays! Now, I know it is difficult, but I am keeping myself accountable by starting a Beach Body Challenge! I started P90X3 yesterday!! I cannot help but when a brand new workout comes out, to get started right away! Our Beach Body programs have done wonders for my body and health so I have to keep the ball rolling!! Yesterday, I did synergistic and LOVED IT!! Today was agility and again…. LOVED IT!! I love that the workouts are only 30 min each and includes weight training! Nothing like burning calories, even after your workout right?! OH YEA!!

I know many of us do not have time for the gym, nor do we feel comfortable going to the gym.  Many do not want to start at the beginning of the year because you will not even get a spot of the elliptical or machine you want.. This is why I run challenge groups!
What are Challenge Groups?!
They are closed groups I hold on face book (no one can see them but the challengers) and each challenger picks a workout of their choice to follow and drinks SHAKEOLOGY (health shake meal replacement) once daily to help maximize your results! I coach each challenger 1:1 to give tips, recipes, and help with meal planning. I give motivation and support to help keep you accountable for reaching your health and fitness goals!

Why do I require Shakeology?? Well, first off, it is the ONLY meal I can assure you are getting all your nutrition you need in a daily dose.  This is an entire meal, that includes your protein, fat, carbs, and every bit of nutrition you need every day! When I say all your nutrition, I mean 1 shake is equivalent to going to the salad bar 6 times! Your multi-vitamin is included! Crazy right?!? Almost hard to believe! But I am here to say, YES, there is such a health shake out there! Now, please.. I do not compare these to protein shakes or weight loss shakes.. These have way more than just protein in them.. These do not only aid in weight loss… It is the whole foods in the shake that give you the health benefits to make the domino effect that will help you lose weight.. The natural ingredients that give you energy, decrease cravings, improve your digestive system.. this is how your body craves more healthy food, therefor, you end up losing weight, or maintaining your health!

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Between following a workout program, clean eating, drinking Shakeology once daily, and having accountability and motivation.. Im sure you have NO option BUT to get the most amazing results!!

I have my next challenge groups starting Jan 6th!

I have 1 P90X3 test group, along with another challenge group that you can pick which Beach Body program to incorporate!  If you are interested, you can fill out my application below.  You can also add me on face book at facebook.com/deidra.penrose
Now, most of us know nutrition is 80% of your results right?! Well, if you did not know yet, you do now!  So, I stress the importance of clean eating all the time! I mean, it is crucial for your weight loss/fitness goals! You can workout 2-3 hrs a day and eat like crap and will not see results! But incorporate clean eating and exercise and you are buying yourself a HOT BOD!! So here is what my meal plan looks like for this week!
DEC 23rd-29th
Meal 1
P90X protein bar
Shakeology (butter finger)
Egg white omlette with veggies (blog)
Egg white omlette with veggies
Protein pancakes (blog)
Protein Pancakes
P90X protein bar
Veggies and hummus
Veggie egg white omlette, ww english muffin
Plain Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, ¼ cup kasha mixed berry cereal
Plain greek yogurt, ½ cup fresh fruit, kasha cereal
Meal 2
Grilled chicken, Greek salad (blog)
Veggie burger on ww english muffin, greek salad
Veggies and greek yogurt/ranch dip, bruschetta
Ham, sweet potato, green bean casserole (clean)
Greek salad, ham sand which on ww bread
Turkey sloppy joes (blog), greek salad
Turkey sloppy joes (blog), greek salad
Ham and turkey on ww bread
2 small clementine’s, string cheese
Sweet potatos
 Clean green bean casserole
Shakeology almond fudge
Shakeology almond fudge
Veggies and hummus
Veggies and hummus
Meal 4
Veggie burger on ww English muffin
Steak spaghetti squash alfredo
1 small piece Shakeology pie(blog)
Steak spaghetti squash alfredo (blog)
Steak spaghetti squash alfredo
Meditteranean Pizza (blog)
Meditteranean Pizza left overs
Green Tea
Green tea
Green tea
Shakeo chocolate pb pudding (blog)
Green tea
Choco pb shakeo pudding (blog)
Green tea
Green tea

I make my meal plans weekly, so I can stick with them! There is NO turning back! Its all about keeping yourself accountable and take action for your goals! The holidays will be over, but those goals are NEVER going away!

Just some tips to keep you on track over Christmas:
1. Pack extra HEALTHY snacks-esp when your away from home, do not allow yourself to have the excuse that nothing is available for you! You are in CONTROL!
2. WATER WATER WATER! Stay hydrated and drink lots of water! If you drink other beverages, your thirst will increase. Water also helps you know when you are really full vs hungry or bored. 
3. DON’T forget your goals! Keep a picture of motivation saying on your phone to look at when your feeling a little tempted!
4. Holidays are for celebrating with family and friends, NOT EATING! Remember the real meaning behind the holidays!
5. Just because you have been eating good does  NOT mean you can treat yourself like a dog! We are human, we reward ourselves with clothes, pampering ourselves, but don’t take a step forward and 2 steps back because you felt you did good for a week!
6. Get your workout in early! If you get it done before everyone wakes up or you have company, that is a HUGE task that you feel a HUGE sense of accomplishment with! 
7. Share the health with your family! Make a dish for your family that is healthy! Do not sacrifice your goals, for others! You may be surprised on who enjoys your healthy recipes!!
8. PORTION CONTROL! If you are going to eat what makes you happy, please at least help yourself and use portion sizes! You do not need 2 servings of mashed potatoes! Its going to go right to where you do not want it to… YOUR BELLY!!
9. Just be satisfied with 2 bites! I love the 2 bite rule.. Honestly we all know the 1st bite usually tastes good.. the 2nd even better.. but after than, its EXTRA CALORIES WASTED!  Even better, when you take that bite, ask yourself if its really worth it? Does it really taste that good?!?! Then, make the decision on if you should eat it or not! 
10.  Do not eat 3 hrs before bed. you do not need the extra calories at night.. I mean, your not working out in your sleep right?!? 😉

There you have it, ALWAYS remember your goals, NEVER settle for less, but ENJOY the holidays!!  BE SAFE!! BE HEALTHY!! 
weight loss, shakeology, beach body, Deidra Penrose, diet, fitness goals, clean eating, P90X3, T25, meal plans, health shake, weight loss shake, fitness, health coach

weight loss, shakeology, beach body, Deidra Penrose, diet, fitness goals, clean eating, P90X3, T25, meal plans, health shake, weight loss shake, fitness, health coach

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