P90X3 Officially Released!

Today definitely feels like Christmas! I have a slight obsession with all Beach Body programs, but I’m especially excited for P90X3! Every workout program I used has given me great results, but this time is different. It has literally EVERYTHING I want and need in a workout!

  • The workouts are 30 min long, 6 days/week- You do NOT need to be at a gym for 2 hrs.. It is not the time that gives you the results, but the effort during that time that gives you your results!
  • You get to use weights- using weights helps burn more calories, even when your body is at rest! Talk about increasing your metabolism!
  • You do not have to travel anywhere! This is all done in the comfort of your own home!
  • There are 16 DVD’s- No more getting tired of the same old and hitting a plateau… you have tons of workouts to use to keep tricking your body so you get the best results!
  • This is a 90 day program. You do NOT need 2 years before actually seeing your results.. You will have them in 90 days, along with making a new lifestyle for yourself and family!
  • Inexpensive- No gym membership! You pay a 1 time fee and its yours FOREVER!!
  • No paying for a personal trainer- If you sign up on Team Beach Body, you can add me as your FREE coach by putting in my information at the bottom where it asks you about having a coach (email me and I will help you get started). I will help you along your journey by giving tips, recipes, and motivation to keep you on track!
Sounds AMAZING right?! I want to let you know, you do NOT have to complete P90X or P90X2 before starting P90X3… They are different workouts, and this is used for all challengers of any level of intensity!  You can be a beginner and use all the modifations that are given to you, or as an expert, you can challenge yourself by doing all the advanced moves!
If you want motivation and accountability to help you reach your goals, you can have a spot in my exclusive P90X3 test group starting Jan 6th! I will coach you 1:1 in a closed group on facebook and give you lots of recipes, meal plans, health and fitness tips, but more importantly, keep you motivated to make your transformation and get into the best shape of your life! In my group, you will be required to follow the P90X3 program, along with drinking SHAKEOLOGY, our health shake meal replacements in place of one meal every day for the duration of the challenge. Shakeology is going to give you a daily dose of dense nutrition all in one shake. Think of this shake as going to the salad bar 6 times! That is a lot of veggies and nutrients! 
Here is a great video to help you see what Shakeology will actually do for your body and health!
If you would like to get both P90x and Shakeology together, you can actually get the two in a challenge pack together for a discounted price! For the month of December ONLY, you can get this challenge pack for 70$ off and FREE shipping. You also get a P90X3 hat! This is everything you need to get started… 
You get your workout program with a schedule, a nutrition guide, 1 month of Shakeology in home direct (HD), and 1 month trial of the Club Membership. The club membership gives you access to customized meal plans with a grocery list, live chats with celebrity trainers, and 10% discount on ALL products! Pretty nice huh?! 
Oh, I want to share this nice piece of info with you before you go! If you are wondering if my challenge groups really work, here is a little idea of how successful they are! These are my actual challengers who have made it through last month’s 30 day clean eating/Shakeology Challenge!
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This gives me chills!! This is why I have a passion for helping people! Getting to watch these amazing transformations is so rewarding!
I am really excited to start this new journey and would LOVE nothing more than for you to join me! Get ready for lots of fun, motivation, and SUCCESS!! 
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