So my favorite part of shopping on the holidays is shopping for good sales!! So since I LOVE helping people out, Im giving away extra $$!!  Not only do we have our Beach Body Sales going on until the end of the day, but I am giving 20$ CASH back to anyone who purchases a Challenge Pack (includes Shakeology in home direct and a workout program of your choice) or Shakeology HD! This sale ends tonight at 12 am!

This is a perfect way to save but still keeping yourself healthy throughout the holiday! I know it gets tough to stay on track, which is why I am running a 14 day Shakeology Shake off starting December 9th! 

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What is a Shakeology Shake off?? 
A Shakeology Shake off is a support group that I run in a closed group on face book and I coach you 1:1 every day by providing meal plans, recipes, and lots of fitness/nutrition tips to keep you motivated and accountable so you can reach your goals and live a healthier lifestyle! 
You replace one meal a day with Shakeology, our health shake meal replacement and I teach you all about clean eating so you can implement healthy foods into your regimen. Shakeology includes your daily dose of dense nutrition, along with your daily multi-vitamin! No need to run to the grocery store and buy tons of ingredients to get the nutrition you need just for one meal, you get 30 meals in 1 bag shipped right to your home with FREE shipping (in HD)! 
What benefits does Shakeology have for you?
In just 1 week, people have seen:
-An increase in energy
-Decrease in cravings
-Decrease bloating
All because you are finally getting all the natural nutrition that you need!  People do not realize, once all that unhealthy processed food full of chemicals is out of your system and you fill it with fuel (the proper nutrition your body needs), you feel like a new person! 
Shakeology is low on the gylcemic index, so it is even perfect for Diabetics! No spiking of insulin levels! I have 2 friends, 1 with an insulin pump and 1 with Type 2 Diabetes, and their blood sugar levels have remained consistent after using Shakeology within 1 month!  
Shakeolgy also helps your digestive system, immune system, and helps reduce inflammation! 
Just a few results from my own customers who use Shakeology said:
“My migraines are almost completely gone and when they are here, they are not as severe.”
“My IBS has gotten so much better and I am more regular with my bowels!”
My most recent Challenger that made me sooooo happy was Katie S. who said, “I was diagnosed with hypothyroid 2 weeks prior to starting Shakeology, and at my 30 day mark, my Dr appt was exciting.. My thyroid levels went from 15 to 1.5 and I do not need to get blood work until March of 2014! I also lost 13 lbs with Shakeology and clean eating!” 
Not only has drinking Shakeology and using the workout programs has made a huge difference in my life, but I am now helping others make huge lifestyle changes and improvements and it feels amazing to hear everyone’s success with just a few small changes and staying consistent!

If you are interested in my 14 day Shakeology Shake off, or my next challenge starting Jan 6th, message me for details to get a spot! Jan 6th only has 5 spots left, so reserve your spot ASAP if you are serious about getting into the best shape of your life and making LIFESTYLE changes!
Find me on facebook to follow my journey of coaching and how I maintain my body and health @ fb.com/deidra.penrose

fitness support group, fitness motivation, weight loss,  clean eating, health tips